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GFL Changes #1: Forums/Discord/Teamspeak

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Both @X2D and @Joshy did not like having all ideas being discussed in one thread. So, the ideas are being split into several, more digestible threads. This thread specifically will cover the more important forum/Discord/Teamspeak related changes. Other lesser important ideas related to the forums/Discord/Teamspeak on the full document may be talked about here as well, but not primarily focused on.


The others will be covering general GFL changes and staff hierarchy changes respectively.


Below are the important topics to discuss. The full document is here for reference and for hyperlinks.







(if you have a better way of formatting this, let me know)

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about the clubs though I'm sure you know why that is heavily regulated atm and it is to prevent a few things from happening aka GFL looking bad or well reproducing some stupid thing it's the same with badges and anything atm that could be used to target any person.


about the discord forums and ts3 rules a forceful change could well kill off a whole platform simply due to well the culture and what is acceptable on each one if you pushed how things are handled in discord upon the other platforms I would in all honesty crack up because it is the stupidest idea I can think of and is so heavily flawed.


as for the reward idea I've been pushing that shit behind the scenes as I have noticed other communities seem to thrive off that shit.


and even have been pushing for a form of a member tier system now we can not screw that up or it will have the same exact out come of all the other things we have done simply a flop and a flop is never a good thing.


as for everything else you got a big green light from me @eueuq thanks buddy.

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I don't disagree with a lot of this.  It's a lot of work and I wish the team would beginning taking their steps.  The features on the forums and its setup is sad.


I don't really like the incentive for most likes in the day.  I think some people are already a bit toxic and overly glorifying their likes their likes, and the forums already has a lot of features pointing it out.  Adding a badge for that would be a bit redundant.




Couldn't hurt to perform the updates to match our current systems and servers...


Cleaning up the tabs might help the Clubs, and then the community could make good use of it.  It seems so hidden to me and placing things like the projects and tutorials in there is a bit silly in its current state.




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