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GFL Changes #3: General Changes

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Both @X2D and @Joshy did not like having all ideas being discussed in one thread. So, the ideas are being split into several, more digestible threads. This thread specifically will cover just general changes.


The others will be covering staff hierarchy changes and forum/Discord/Teamspeak changes respectively.


Below are the important topics to discuss. The full document is here for reference and for hyperlinks.






(if you have a better way of formatting this, let me know)


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most of what you covered here I think I've been preaching for what has to be years now. I'm glad people finally understand that the "trusted info" should be talked about by some form of a 3rd party because recent events have been to say the least taking a bullet to gfl's head.



also about the ad thing if a meme in your community has the highest most noticeable traffic coming from them to you keep in mind a person and not exactly gfl as a whole there is a slight issue look at any aotm thread and look for the common denominator of success.

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