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Town of GFL

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Town of GFL

A Town of Salem Event


Members of GFL, we are here to tell you of a new upcoming event which will be coming soon. This event will be a large game of Town Of Salem.



  • Date: November 18th on 3:10 PM EST
  • Host: NoobyNoob
  • There will be a discord voice channel in the public GFL Discord for people to join in. The channel will have a limit for the amount of players who will join in. First come, first serve.
  • There will also be a public chat room for people to put in their usernames and only their usernames. Anything else will be deleted. At the end of the event, both voice and text channel will be deleted.
  • If there is a full lobby of players and other players would like to join, the party will have one or two matches, before the lobby will be filled again with new players.


  1. No Ghosting, this means that you shouldn't say any important information, your role or other people's roles, in the discord when you are dead.
  2. No Cheating, this is like ghosting, but you are alive, but revealing information in the discord.
  3. No Meta gaming, this means teaming with players that you aren't suppose to team with. Killing specific people in the game. Example: Town and Mafia teaming.


If you would like to stream or record the event, you may do so and have a permanent spot in the event where you will be able to play all matches. If you are interested in doing so, please privately message me on discord or leave a reply on the post. Have a nice day!


Number 15. Infinity War Spoilers. The last thing you want is Infinity War Spoilers, but that's what you might get.

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If any one is willing to record and let us use the footage for the GFL YouTube channel, that would be great.


Let me know if you can beforehand so I know whether or not to find someone who can do it. 

"Be good people"

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