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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Thoughts on it

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I just saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I am still not sure if I liked it or not. I just spent the last 20 minutes essentially yelling about random things I either didn't like, didn't understand, or just thought the movie got wrong. So here they are:

  • 1st off, McGonagall was mentioned in the movie as a teacher at Hogwarts. According to IMDb, it was Minerva McGonagall. Now unless this McGonagall is the mother or an older relative of the McGonagall in the books, whoever wrote this part of the movie is just wrong, because the McGonagall in the books was born 8 years after this movie takes place.
  • OK HOLD ON A SECOND THE FIGHT BETWEEN THE TWO (Grindelwald and Dumbeldore) TOOK PLACE IN 1945 THIS MOVIE WAS IN 1927... So yeah. I don't know how many movies they have planned, but is it going to take this long for Dumbledore to break the spell or whatever?
  • The title was misleading. Sure Grindlewald committed some crimes, but the focus was on who Credence's parents were. By the title, I had assumed it would be about his past crimes and reign of terror before he fought Dumbledore
  • The plot was confusing and convoluted. Around the climax when Yusuf is telling his backstory was the worst. He's telling you all this and you're like "finally, it all makes sense", then nope. Leta says "no this is what happened"
  • So Grindelwald needed Credence to kill Dumbledore because he couldn't... but Dumbledore couldn't hurt Grindelwald... So why did Grindelwald need to do anything about Dumbledore? Sure, Dumbledore could have attack Grindelwald's followers, or showed up and gotten rid of that blue fire, but he never did any of those...
  • A bunch of name dropping. "McGonagall" when she does nothing, "Nicholas Flammel" when he isn't really needed (The wizards knew what he told them to do, they probably could have done it without him), "Lestrange" when the character dies and could have had any name, etc. I thought they said "Weasley" for a moment but I misheard.
  • I sure hope they obliviated all those people that saw... well everything. In the last one it was a big deal that they had to obliviate an entire city, and now they just ignore all the people that saw buildings explode, giant cloth fall from the sky onto buildings, probably some more stuff.
  • When the Tiger-thing is destroying stuff in the French Circus, did none of those wizards think to pull out their wands?
  • We're given a Nagini backstory, but why was it needed? She was just a big snake!
  • Everyone is still casting magic without words?! I thought this was hard to do, but literally everyone does it so I guess not.
  • That ending though... Is Credence really Dumbledore's third brother? Or is Grindlewald lying? Find out in the next movie, or maybe we'll just ask a new question instead of answering old ones. Like "why didn't America execute Grindelwald with that death pool thing?"
  • So Credence is no longer a Obscurus I guess? IDK I'm still mad the main "Fantastic Beast" in the last one was something not even mentioned in the book/guide this is based off of, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", which is just a guide book to cool creatures. I want to see a Lethefold, not something never mentioned ever that was the focus of 2 movies yet now is cast away because... why can he cast magic now? (more on next point)
  • So Credence cast away the Obscurus because he believed Grindelwald when he told him that he was a Dumbledore? But... Why? He was just told that he was a Lestrange, then he was a nobody, by two random people, and now Grindelwald tells him who he is and he believes him? But Queenie told Grindelwald like 5 seconds before this that Credence was not sure he made the right choice, aka did not trust Grindelwald, aka why would he believe Grindelwald enough to cast off the Obscurus and do magic?
  • And this all factors into Grindelwald's plan to kill Dumbledore, which was unneeded until he let the stupid magic thing get stolen from him. Wouldn't you lock that up or something?

There's my thoughts. I'll add more. I am going to say this though... despite all this, I think I liked the movie. IDK why. I just did.

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