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CS:GO Steam Group Announcement

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to post a link to the announcement I just submitted on our CS:GO Steam group.




This includes more details about our new Surf Timer servers.





Hi everyone,


I just wanted to post a quick announcement to this Steam group since it's dedicated to GFL's CS:GO division.


GFL's CS:GO Division
GFL's CS:GO division is being completely revamped by iTaco and myself. ITaco is going to be helping me along with a couple others.


The new/improved servers we are introducing include:


  • 1v1 Arena -
  • Danger Zone -
  • Jailbreak - N/A
  • Surf Timer Beginner - (US) (UK)


A more official and detailed announcement will be released in the near future when these servers are ready for official launch.


Surf Timer
Our Surf Timer servers were released unofficially last night (US-time). They are in working condition and have admins currently zoning maps.


The US server is currently running Zipcore's timer and the UK server is currently running Influx's timer. We did this because we want to see what our players think of both and which one we should go with on official launch. As of right now, we are most likely going to move to Influx's timer for the US server since it's newer, updated more frequently, and comes with more features.


When we released both servers without announcing anything officially, both servers filled to 24+ players the first day. I believe this is a great start! 


I do not want these servers to be overcomplicated to players and I want simplicity to be a priority on these servers along with keeping the best performance possible. This will be my main goal within these servers. Ensuring we have a simple server with smooth/working plugins and a working timer along with a laid-back community. I am confident in the admin team and I believe they'll ensure everything is laid-back, etc.


More information on the Surf Timer servers themselves can be found in their sub-forum on the website here - https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/840-surf-timer/


Once the servers are officially launched, we will be making events for both servers on our main Steam groups along with announcing it everywhere we can. The more exposure these servers get, the better.


The In-Game Server Browser
I plan to make another CS:GO Reddit thread in the future addressing the lack of support for community servers. I've done this two times already and both threads got to the #1 spot on the /r/GlobalOffensive Reddit. With CS:GO going free-to-play, it has sparked my interested to do this again.


In this thread, I want to shift focus to the broken in-game server browser. It's no wonder most community servers don't get any exposure in the server browser including our servers.


Please read this thread -



If you have feedback on it, please let me know!


Thank you for reading!


Thank you!

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2 minutes ago, Jerry Hat Trick said:

A smart guy, huh?

Well, 4 of those have it also....

I could consider you moderator on our Steam groups if you're up for it.



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