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Formal Population Team?

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This was something @WholeMilk somewhat suggested a while ago among any others (including myself).


And for some reason we haven't done it yet, or at least aren't actively doing it as far as I can see.


Regardless, I think it's something we should seriously consider making. I'm sure that we can get a handful of members to sign up for this since it's not something challenging to participate in, and it'll be mainly used for new servers that already have some momentum at the start.


The main thing we'd have to do is make and manage a steam group that can invite players to a server at a certain time, and to plan out events beforehand.


It's worked well in the past for individual servers, but we haven't really implemented it as a general team for all the servers. The team can be small and as long as we spam steam community invites to grow it, we should be able to get at least a few outside players to join. 


It's greatly annoying, but ultimately those who don't like it will just leave the group and those who don't mind it have a chance of joining. 


I can also throw in some random game giveaways during the population events for players who are on at a certain time. Thoughts?

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