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Bye have a good time

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Posted  Edited by IDKEMBER

anyways im leaving gfl im studying too much and dont have time no more i wont forget the people i met 


@mbs - dad 

@littleshake cool person 

@Diablodoggy28 pretty great 

@gary - you little cunt 

@Zexired favorite person tbh 

@PsquawOsaurus my mate 

@Nix Pardus had a good time never got to talk to you that much tho 

@Harakoni nice person 

@nelso531 cpr 

@Jat had a good time doing memes 

@Fafy thanks for teaching me osu 


anyways ill see you on the flip side i may come back in late 2019 YEET 

btw the picture is Heyimbee



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Ember Was Here


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Posted  Edited by Clufy

Ember more like stupid person lol. have a good time i may be late on this but psquaw will miss you


ill miss you too


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Admin on Hide and Seek, Former Operator on Death-run, Former Member Acceptor. 



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