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Nick's Hierarchy Proposal

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I would also like to reemphasize on how these "regular stand ups" would be one of the most important aspects to this "change". Nick, you saw for yourself throughout the years how many potentially useful but in reality pointless people just sat "up there" in higher ups and did nothing but create a circlejerk around themselves. This so simple yet so important community meeting just saves so much bullshit and does the job for us. Either show some progress, or fuck off. I love the idea, it's straight to the point.


Regular “Stand-Ups”

A regular meeting should be organized where each organ of management presents their team’s/division’s/server’s accomplishments since last meeting and goals for the next meeting. Directors will then ensure that everything is going as expected and GFL’s global goals are being moved towards. The entire community should be invited to these meetings. I will not get into details on how it should be managed since that would also get quite elaborate.


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I'm going to hijack this thread.


Here is my hierarchy proposal:


Nick: Nick & nick027nd

Founder: Roy

Director: Current directorial team

Admon: pls

Everyone: else




please ignore my post, i just wanted to make a meme. thank you.






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Something interesting is supposed to go here.

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Ehh, I really don't care about how the hierarchy works.

But if you were to go for this idea you would need some time to integrate.

We would have to demote or promote the current council etc. There would be alot of changes to the roles which are being used.  Which will cause drama if one of them gets demoted. Or if someone gets promoted.

I think the council isn't really hurting anyone, The current Directors would probably have to demote some of the council members to Division Leader or Promote some of them to director depending on what happens which will probably cause drama etc.

Same with server manager etc, Aren't there like Sub-Server managers or whatever and Super Admins, Senior admins, Operators etc.



But hey, You do make good points and I do agree on most of them.

But knowing that we have alot of roles we would have to do this slowly and it would take some weeks or even months. Like you mentioned "The worst case of inactivity is seen within the Directors. Directors are, in my opinion, supposed to be a role model to everyone in the community. People you respect and appreciate for their work within GFL. However, I do not feel like our Directors have lived up to these requirements. They either seem to be doing semi-invisible (this is documented) back-end work and front-end work through Council" So, you would expect the Directors to do all this stuff right? And like you said most of them are inactive. I don't think the current council could do anything to change this. So you would have to get all of the directors plus founder to agree to this and start working on it. If not it will just stay the same way. Not meaning to cause any drama but this is my opinion. 

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This is probably the only rank change I would support.


(Made by @Rose, thx :D)


[Former]- Breach Admin, OLD Purge SR. Admin, HnS admin, GMOD Murder admin, GMOD JB Admin, TTT Admin, Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, Public Relations Team Member, Media Team Member


I'm out



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Yes please. I just want more documentation and recordings of discussions.


Why waste an hour arguing over a topic and working out a possible solution if no one's going to bother writing it down and getting it to the correct person?

"Be good people"

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Thanks for all the feedback. I have added a new section about the concept of project managers. You can see it in the change-log at the top.


21 hours ago, BeyondNamez said:

you would expect the Directors to do all this stuff right?

I don't believe actually executing the plan initially is hard. The important and hard part is maintaining it afterwards (e.g. keep documentation going, ensure community meetings are held at regular intervals, keep each other active and vigilant). The Founder's and Directors' agreement is important, and I would rather compromise than create a civil war. I do not expect my proposal to be executed as-is or at all. As stated in my preface, I hope some of the ideas can be used while we make GFL great.

Wanna know what I am up to? Take a look at my personal Trello board or my cards on the Development Trello board!

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