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Ninja Chris

Eban appeal for koala <3

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Your In-Game Name: Ninja Chris

Your Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Asteamurlisn'tasteamid/

Ban reason and Length: Not Healing Alduin Ultimate, 1 permanent

Admin That Banned You: Koala

Appeal Reason:


So uh yeah basically I was sitting in a discord with an admin and I was plotting to boost the zombies forward, killing my entire team and having him give me a short cooldown even though I've got 40+ days of playtime and I should know the rules better than anyone else.


Since you guys always saying stacked bans and mutes you should unban soja because he only stole $17,000 one time so he should only get a 30 minute ban.


I'm sick of all the admins having double standards and not applying their normal ban procedures for special circumstances.

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