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How to BHOP ?

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If you can bhop on bhop servers i assume you know how to strafe for speed and stuff, also assuming u used autohop on those servers


Easiest way to be able to bhop in ze is to just bind your mousewheel to +jump

bind “MWHEELUP” “+jump”

bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+jump”


then spam it and strafe to get ur speed up Lol


Just remember that hyperscrolling and macros arent allowed on the server

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make those binds above in console or edit your config file.

you start running with W and then you scroll to jump. Now release W.

At this point only use A and D, the scroll wheel to jump and your mouse (move it left and right).

Everytime you use A in the air you also move your mouse left and when you hit the ground scroll again. now use D and move your mouse to the right. this is called strafing. you can do multiple strafes in the air before hitting the ground.

type cl_showpos 1 in console to see your velocity in the top left corner. running with knife is 250. when you bhop you will have 250-300 and above if you are good enough

there is a lot of videos on yt to watch.

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