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Neko Nehhh Ban Appeal

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Name: Neko Nehhh


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:132079206


Banned By: SkyDivingSquad


Ban Reason: RDM+Leave


Why you should be unbanned:  Just in case this is involved, I 'RDM'ed' someone named Noodles I think it was, I had saw... well apparently just someone walk down the steps after shooting someone in tower, I followed them since they didn't ID the body at all and it was innocent. I saw no one else and Noodles was at the spot where it take enough time to actually get there. Didn't have a 3 weapon out(he had a regular pistol out, I believe) and I was alone with him in there, if that was not KOS-able I do apologize(I am re-reading the rules right after this is posted). It was either way in my mind the only thing to do, I may type fast but not fast enough to prevent him from shooting me after I knew he was a T. 


Now to the leaving part, it had been a while since I had read the rules, and both this thing wanted me to reread them along with just because I had a vague memory of it. I also never remembered certain rules that had caused other players to be slain(i.e one moderator a few days ago slayed a guy for prop-killing pre round, and stuff like that).

I'm sure everyone can attest to, a bit late in the day, everyone is on. So many people are talking that it becomes hard to focus on something I want to keep in my mind for more than a few minutes. So I left after that match was over, before my slay would be on there(which I believe it still had a good few seconds before it happened, the only thing I did was go ten feet to throw a shotgun away near the TNT spawn under the tree).


 I did this because I remembered a few days ago I had gotten slayed randomly from hours ago, so since I was just going to read the rules, I'd join back and get my slay so I didn't go unpunished from it since hey, as angry as I was about it I'd rather deal with that, now yeah I should've just went to !motd(which a moderator did suggest after I tried to put !rules in the commands) the noise was getting to me.

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