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How to win the day [step by step guide by the guy who hasn't won the day yet]

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Posted  Edited by Astro

alrighty guys so it appears all my clear attempts to win the day get foiled by a new server coming out and everyone likes the person who posted the MOTD more than my post, or also this emoji which always gets meimage.png.af95f2bb4876b296bae32d2da93f684a.png


so im making a guide and im going to follow this guide because its clearly proven and totally not something i wrote on the spot after doing months and months of reading analytics for the community and finding out what gets likes


here we go so:


step 1) make a big post about something important that a lot of people agree with but ultimately won't change (NOTE: if it doesn't change, that's good because you can maximize profit by reposting it a month later :lenny:)

[ALTERNATE STEP 1] resign but make sure you are important enough to get likes :lenny:

step 2) reply to it with something else to get even more likes

[ALTERNATE STEP 3] make sure to tag the entire community so they feel obligated to like the post :lenny:

step 3) profit

[ALTERNATE STEP 3] mega profit

Image result for emoji was glasses


i thought of something funnier last night but i forgot it so this'll do




guys im running out of ideas

Edited by Astro


thanks @Violator

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