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Is ya boy coming at you live with that resignation post.


So, essentially, I’m resigning from Team Leader for a few reasons. The first is that I’ve recently lost a lot of the motivation to be the team leader but I do still retain my interest in trying to get more humble bundle sales, writing scripts for our servers, etc. In other words, I still have interest in helping but I have little interest in actually leading. It’s pretty time consuming and isn’t really all that “fun”. Given that I have school to deal with and life in general, I don’t have that much free time available to me that I can allot to GFL. Of that time I allot to GFL, I really don’t want to waste it dealing with leadership stuff. I’d much rather be doing things directly. Secondly, I haven’t been as active as I was earlier on and I feel like it’s probably best to let someone else take the reigns. And as a member of the team, I can be somewhat inactive without it affecting every other member of the team. My activity really depends on my workload for that week from my classes so sometimes I can do a lot and sometimes not so much.


As a result, I am stepping down from Team Leader to just a regular member of the team. I still plan to work on stuff like the YouTube channel, gamemode tutorials, etc. I just won’t be bossing people around as much. This also leaves me with more time to try and set up partnerships and looking into that type of stuff.


Taking over for me will be @WigglesWorth. I think he’s got what it takes to lead the team to greatness and put it on a positive trajectory. I will be helping him along the way but he’s the new TL now. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to lead the team and I think that there were some positive changes from my leadership but I definitely haven’t been as active as of late. Especially given midterms ended recently. Next quarter I won’t have the time to deal with much stuff due to taking 3~4 upper division math classes so it’s better to do this change now instead of later.


Anyway, this isn't a good bye, but it is a resignation. Also, lul late night posts that no one will see.

"Be good people"

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rip interview show



Aspiring OWL Player

Official Fat Cunt of GFL


  • Former GFL Council Member
  • Former Deathrun Server Manager
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  • Former Breach Admin
  • Former Ragdoll Combat Admin
  • Former Hide and Seek Admin



















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Posted  Edited by Zeugma or Omnibenevolence


bye bb come back soon pls ;(


edit: just read in detail and i meant to come bacc to leader :(


Edited by Zeugma or Omnibenevolence

Philosophy's nice, but it's also a bit terrifying if you dip your toes in too deep.

I still like learning, though.


also i need an nsfw approval for my potential aura x rogue thing MAKE IT HAPPEN

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