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Ban Appeal (TTT)

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Posted  Edited by Taquitos

Name: Taco


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:89747920


Banned by: Tlar


Ban reason: Mass RDM


Why you should be unbanned: Hey, I know I already posted about this, and I know that is against the rules, but this is much more formal and professional, but now that I filled this out correctly this time, and had time to really think it out, just here me out , please. I got banned for mass rdm'ing, there was this guy named Bush that kept false kos'ing me and targeting me when I was innocent, so I thought I would get him back. That was my fault, and wasn't cool, at all. HE got under my skin, and I let my anger get the best of me, and it definitely wasn't worth the ban I got. I'm not blaming it on him at all, I take full blame for that. I also admit that I rdm'ed others that were innocent, but were being very suspicious, so I thought I had probable cause. My goal wasn't to just rdm people for the heck of it, because that is how you get in trouble, people reported me because I thought they were traitors because they  were very suspicious, such as shooting at other people, maybe it was accident, going into the nether, etc. I am sorry for my actions and I hope I can get one more chance, if I do in fact, I promise you that I will be more careful with my actions and act more maturely and not let my anger get the best of me. Thanks for your time for reading this long message and have a good rest of your night! Very sorry for this inconvenience.

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Posted  Edited by TheSadBandit

Appealing a ban that was already lowered? This is the first time I've seen this in my whole GFL life.


going into the nether

you shoot people who are in nether for being in nether?

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You’ve already submitted an appeal and it has reasonably been lowered to a one week ban due to the fact that your previous ban was well over a year ago and has little effect or meaning today. 


I’ll refer you back to your previous appeal to look back at my screenshots.


None of the people that reported you are from Bush and that’s the not the reason why you’re

banned. You RDM’d CP3, GingeRaccoon, and dealt 50HP damage Austoin which is attempted mass RDM. 


This appeal has been denied



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