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Perma gag appeal

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Name: Peace  /  Kalanz


Steam ID:  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071490689/


Banned by: Franchize #HotDogLivesMatter


Ban reason: At the end of a round i played africa- toto through my mic for 10 seconds and i stopped. after a little i got perma gagged, i said he could have just warned me and i would have stopped, he says i have multiple gags so no.

I wait a few rounds and i apologize to the admin and said pls ungag me i will respect the rules. he said no, go to the forums.


Why you should be unbanned: I understand my behavior was bad and i should receive a fair punishment but my intentions were not malicious or bad enough to be perma gagged i think, maybe a day or two or even a week is more fair and reasonable in my opinion.


PD:(sorry if my english is too broken)

this is the song at around 2:16 



Edited by Kalanz

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the fact that you have MULTIPLE   gags for what I can only assume would be mic spamming tells me that warning you would have done nothing. You should always consider those previous 10-15 minute gags to be your warnings but you still wanted to mic spam? Even if i had gagged you for 1 day - 1 week you most likely would have done it again (considering the previous gags). I'm not going to take it easy on you because you feel your actions "weren't malicious". Its still the fact that you broke the rules multiple times and learned nothing from those lessons.

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