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$20 Steam Card

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Posted  Edited by Bae

I'm giving away a $20 steam card that I just bought. All requirements must be followed and there are special rules for this giveaway. I will record myself selecting the winners on https://www.random.org/ . The recording software I'll be using is bandicam, so bare with me on that 😂



  • As stated in the giveaway rules, you must be a member+, meaning your rank should say "Member", "VIP, or "Supporter", or unless you're a staff rank: "Server Admin", "Server Manager", "Moderator", "Developer", "Administrator", etc.
  • You can get extra slots in the raffle drawing, meaning you can have your name in two or more slots for a better chance to win. Here is the list of things you can do and how much slots it'll give you.
    • Comment once every 6 hours on my steam profile wall to get 3 entries. 
    • Follow GFL's Twitter or Instagram for 5 entries each. Please also input your name, so I can search whether or not you actually did enter for this. You can follow either one. If you follow both it's a total of 10 entries.
    • Send me a GIF image of your reaction to this giveaway on my forum profile. This is only 1 reserved slot. 
    • Comment your favorite admin on the GFL's Steam Group & make sure you're already part of the group = I will be checking, and also this can only be done once per every 12 hours. This will give you an extra 7 entries.
  • Make sure you have read the giveaway rules.
  • You are allow to reserve slots for someone else, please indicate that in your post when you submit your participation to this thread.



In order for me to know what you need to put down in the normal way of commenting or participating, all I need you to do is to tell me is your favorite color. You do not need to tell me if you did any of the special rules, I'll just manually check them when the day comes. You do not need to worry on whether or not you need to spam here that you've done the task every time. However, you must state your Instagram or Twitter Usernames, if it's a private account, please inform me in PM or on discord DM ahead of time so I know this is you


Other than that, I hope you enjoy this giveaway. This giveaway ends on March 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. Each person that participates will be listed in this thread by in spoiler, so you'll all know who took up the slots and whatnot. Oh one more thing about the reservation slots, you can enter for someone else, so please state that in your post so I know who you're helping for. And the time duration for those that you can post more than once depending on the duration of time, it doesn't matter if you're 5 minutes off or just few seconds off, as long as it's near 6 hours or 12 hours.


If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Below is the image of proof of the one steam card.








Below is the list of people that participated.




  1. SwegBuster
  2. SwegBuster
  3. Finnick
  4. Finnick
  5. Finnick
  6. Finnick
  7. Finnick
  8. Finnick
  9. Finnick
  10. Finnick
  11. Finnick
  12. Finnick
  13. Finnick
  14. Finnick
  15. Flops
  16. nocheat
  17. DaLaw
  18. DaLaw
  19. DaLaw
  20. DaLaw
  21. DaLaw
  22. DaLaw
  23. DaLaw
  24. DaLaw
  25. DaLaw
  26. DaLaw
  27. DaLaw
  28. DaLaw
  29. DaLaw
  30. DaLaw
  31. Thel337Gh0st
  32. Thel337Gh0st
  33. Thel337Gh0st
  34. Thel337Gh0st
  35. Thel337Gh0st
  36. Thel337Gh0st
  37. Thel337Gh0st
  38. Thel337Gh0st
  39. Thel337Gh0st
  40. Thel337Gh0st
  41. Thel337Gh0st
  42. Thel337Gh0st
  43. Thel337Gh0st
  44. Thel337Gh0st
  45. Thel337Gh0st
  46. Thel337Gh0st
  47. Thel337Gh0st
  48. Thel337Gh0st
  49. Thel337Gh0st
  50. Thel337Gh0st
  51. Thel337Gh0st
  52. JGuary551
  53. TheJitFace
  54. Lone Sniper Skeleton
  55. Chef.
  56. Skittlez
  57. motorstreak
  58. Pyros
  59. Leks
  60. Syntax
  61. MrMelone
  62. Sofics
  63. Sofics
  64. Sofics
  65. Sofics
  66. Sofics
  67. Sofics
  68. Sofics
  69. Sofics
  70. Sofics
  71. Sofics
  72. Sofics
  73. Sofics
  74. Sofics
  75. Sofics
  76. Sofics
  77. Sofics
  78. Sofics
  79. Sofics
  80. Sofics
  81. Sofics
  82. Sofics
  83. Trigger
  84. Trigger
  85. Trigger
  86. Trigger
  87. Trigger
  88. Trigger
  89. Trigger
  90. Trigger
  91. Trigger
  92. Trigger
  93. Trigger
  94. Trigger
  95. Trigger
  96. Trigger
  97. Trigger
  98. Trigger
  99. Trigger
  100. Trigger
  101. Trigger
  102. Trigger
  103. Trigger
  104. Trigger
  105. Trigger
  106. JerryBomb
  107. JerryBomb
  108. JerryBomb
  109. JerryBomb
  110. JerryBomb
  111. JerryBomb
  112. JerryBomb
  113. JerryBomb
  114. JerryBomb
  115. JerryBomb
  116. JerryBomb
  117. Domps
  118. Epic From Epic Games
  119. Epic From Epic Games
  120. Epic From Epic Games
  121. Epic From Epic Games
  122. Epic From Epic Games
  123. Epic From Epic Games
  124. Zexired





Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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Posted  Edited by DaLaw


IG - yoboyandrxw

Also commented in the group

Edited by DaLaw

GFL Ranks

[Former] Manager for Purge/DarkRP.                 

[Former] Manager for AWP 24/7

[Former] Senior Badmin for the old Purge.

[Former] Senior Badmin for the new Purge.             

[Former] Senior Admin for Hightower. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort 2

[Former] Human Resources.  


[Bans] Old Purge - 400+


[Joined] 2012-2013.



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Favorite Color - Orange


Twitter Username - @John17625611


Instagram Username - @knightargoth


Thank you for the giveaway, Bae!

֍ Trigger ֍




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Posted  Edited by JerryBomb

Favorite color is red, username is "jerry_b0mb" on instagram, "Reckah0" on twitter.  Thanks for the giveaway.

Edited by JerryBomb

JerryBomb.png.e376b34f3abbf909e911ca905e69e9b5.png.148c6b4cfc47ce26dbdfacd59a6ef633.pngCreative Team of GFL.

That's it.

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