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Welp I'm stuck at a hell hole for 4 hours and I'm bored so let's all gather around and list every dumb or amazing shit I've done in breach, purge, cs:go, l4d2, etc. (If you can even remember the shit I did.) I'll go first: Was doing a L4D2 event on mutations where we were being chased by tanks. I was low HP and moving slow and @Duc2000 was chasing my ass while @NoobyNoob was playing duel of the fates from starwars. I managed to escape from Duc with pure skill ON FUCKING 15 HP DUC  C'MON ON YOU SUCK! Anyways it was amazing.

Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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On TTT kite was talking about his Cuban sandwiches, which eventually turned into cockmeat sandwiches with extra mayo.  That was a good time 




Current: TTT Admin

                Public Relations

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