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recurring payment

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I think they should be an option like netflix or other subscription for recurring like payment perk. Like auto payment or something or even something like purchase 1 year vip.

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3 hours ago, WigglesWorth said:

That, but also


Since we use(d) paypal for our donation system, it's practically impossible to set up recurring payments. 


PayPal supports recurring payments


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Apologies for the delayed response but here is my input. 


This was discussed somewhere and the end answer was that it shouldn't be implemented. 


The reasoning behind this is because people use their parent's credit cards, prepaid gift cards, or just PayPal balance for which they don't reload. The idea behind this is that 1. we do not want to overdraft someone's credit card and then have to deal with fees and chargebacks. A similar situation with gift cards and PayPal balance; having to deal with chargebacks is not fun and considering Roy is the only one with access to the PayPal it would be extremely tedious. Thus, to make things as smooth for our members as possible we have not opted for recurring payments. You can create an event on your desktop/phone to remind yourself every month!


I hope this somewhat clears things up and give a better understanding of how I perceive this. Please, let me know if you have any issues or concerns!


Thanks, Skittlez.

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