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AOTM- March

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Theme: Microsoft PAINT
The last AOTM month didn't get much attention, so I decided to create a topic anyone can participate in.
You may submit anything that YOU personally created IN MS Paint.
Rules and guidelines can be found here
Submissions will be concluded by the end of this month, followed by a week of voting.



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Posted  Edited by DaLaw



Resources : Idk


Bob Marley is my inspiration as a human, even though people may have better ones I tried my best.

Of course I'm gonna edit it but for now, this is a masterpiece for me

Edited by DaLaw

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1 hour ago, AceOfSpades said:

I tried to draw a pixelated drawing of my background. First time drawing something like this in MSPaint. :P 



ACE FACE REVEAL????????????

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