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Ban Appeal

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Name: FestivePie
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:86002806
Banned by: CONSOLE
Ban reason: karma too low
Why you should be unbanned: I accidentally misclicked on other innocents and my c4 killed other traitors even though i told them about the c4.

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Posted  Edited by JadedJade

I don't actually believe this guy should be Unbanned unless Anyone online at the time can Vouch for him.


Late Last night/Early this morning he was damn close to being banned for consistent rdm, with atleast 2 of his report responses saying  "They shot first" When the person hadn't shot at all that round.


Leading me to believe he probably did the same thing again, Because he was also close to a Kban (His karma being at 703, and the Auto-ban is 650 i believe.




Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.

Edited by JadedJade


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