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Issues with linking.

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A lot of people have come to me with various issues regarding account linking. These issues seem to be generally the consequences of intended functions of our forum software. Continue to read this post if you are having issues with account linking.


#1 I can't unlink Steam/Discord from my forum account.


IPS is preventing you from unlinking your only configured login method, which would lock you out of your account. To unlink, you must set a password on your account.


#2 When I try and link my Steam/Discord, it says it is in use by another account.


This means exactly what it says it does. To find the account to which your Steam/Discord is linked, use the sign in with Discord/Steam options provided in the login menu. From here, you can unlink the account so that you can link it to your main account. If you are unable to unlink your account, refer to the above.


#3 I accidentally made a new account using the sign in with Steam/Discord options, but I want to link them to my main account instead.


Refer to #2 to unlink the account so that it may be used with your main account. If you wish for the accidental account to be deleted, please contact myself or any other director. We do not do account removals for any other reason than this.


If you are still unable to link your account / are having trouble with linking, please contact me.


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Good job in making this. I don't have a problem with this so I'm good.

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