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[Announcement] [MAJOR] Our New Network, Physical Dedicated Machines + More!

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Good job Roy and Dreae! Thanks for making GFL better!

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While we'll still be able to roll out servers onto this new network, we're currently facing a limitation for games that use the Valve Master Server. The Valve Master Server tries to choose servers based off of the player's geo-location. It is unknown what database they use for this. I've tried emailing the Valve developers and making an AlliedMods thread here. I still haven't received a response from Valve and I don't expect to.


Anyways, since our new IPv4 block appears to not have been used in the past, it didn't have a geo-location set on any databases I've done lookups on. This results in nobody being able to see our servers in the in-game server browser unless if you specify tag filters (even then, we're still getting some players at least ;)).


Initially I thought the Valve Master Server used MaxMind. However, our IPv4 block was updated in MaxMind a couple weeks ago after I put in the request and it appears the Master Server still doesn't detect a geo-location (for example, our IPs come up at the top of the Master Server list when I query it via the API). Unless if the Master Server hasn't pulled updates from MaxMind's database yet, I don't believe they use them. I believe they are using IP2Location. I've been only running into issues when trying to get IP2Location to update the geo location (apparently they don't understand that we're running an Anycast network and forwarding traffic to a physical machine). Anyways, once we give them solid proof our physical machines from Dallas, TX and London, UK will be announcing these IPs, they will queue the change. The problem is, they won't be able to do this until May because they're already 'validating' their upcoming April release. It's stupid as hell, but unfortunately the case:



Hi Christian,


It will be available in the May 2019 release at the soonest. The April 2019 release is currently under validation and no changes can be done.


I guess we won't reach the full potential of our game servers until this change is successfully implemented.


To sum it up, MaxMind > IP2Location any day.



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An Update

Although IP2Location told us our IPv4 block wouldn't be updated until May, we got updated this month anyways:



Dats a sick ISP ;)


With that said, the Master Server doesn't show our IPs at the beginning of the query anymore and I can see our test servers immediately when refreshing the server browser!



(first server)


I would say it's confirmed the Valve Master Server does indeed use IP2Location :)



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