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Graphics Cards Discussion 2016

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Lets talk about those juicy GCs coming out this year!


Tell me, whats your favorite GC this year?

Is it an AMD one, or are you a Nvidia player?


The Gtx 1080 came out last month and the Gtx 1070 is now available!

AMD's Polaris-series also launches soon, dropping some cool GCs for a rather cheap price!


Also, what about the custom designs this year? Asus rocking with the Strix again, Inno3D with the iChill and Zotac with the Amp!


I also thougt about buying a Gtx 1070, i am not sure about the custom designs though. Leave some nice recommendations here :).


I am sorry Intel, but your GPUs are shit


Feel free to discuss everything related to this right here!


kewl pixx




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The RX 480 looks amazing. Two RX 480's on SLI beats the GTX 1080 any day. But I'm still waiting for benchmarks can't wait. not to mention one RX 480 costs $199 with two RX 480's coming in at a total cost of $400 while one GTX 1080 costs 700. Personaly I'm sold on the RX 480.

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