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ElDewrito Future and Involvement with Halo PC

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For most of you who don't know, ElDewrito is a team of modders who are apart of the Halo community. A game called Halo Online was tested exclusively in Russia on PC. A group of modders decided to have the game be available to everyone who didn't live in Russia. Which began the growth of ElDewrito. After Halo Online was shut down, ElDewrito kept it alive. After series of updates, one of their biggest updates ( v0.6 ) ever was announced. This update has caught the attention of the fans and increased the game populations. But it also caught the attention of 343 Industries and Microsoft. 343i and Microsoft had ElDewrito cease progress on the game. They've done this to protect their IP. This had enraged fans and not much was said about the development until now.


You can read the full blog here and I will just summarize below.


343i has seen the success of the ElDewrito team and that they had spark the light to have Halo be available for PC. Because of this the team has been acting as an advisory board prior to the Halo Insider program to help them shape the MCC experience. 343i and ElDewrito will be shaping Halo together. The mod that ElDewrito pour their hearts into will not be gone. It will remain up. So while we wait I guess we can just play Halo Online.

Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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