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Karma banned (Again)

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yes i got Karma banned again.

This time i started a round on 946 karma or somewhere around that number and was somewhat forced to kill 3 innocents as the first one was prop killing people, the second tried to kill me and the third shot at me. all of them i killed in a single shot and immediately after the third i committed suicide (i was the detective) 

can i please get an unban, that shouldnt have been enough to ban me by the karma system, but i did accidentally hit a 4th person. none of it was rdm though i didnt do anything wrong in that round.


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Sigh.... As much as I wanna up this time I won't. BUT I think with all your bans and karma bans, you need to serve the bans you get from now on.





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8 hours ago, FEFE said:

i know this. and so does Milkman. most of them karma bans and moronic admins who arnt admins anymore. get the point.

Actually, I'm still an Admin, and i've banned you for Ghosting before, Just Under a year ago.


Which Everyone on the Team that saw your Appeal for that, Agreed (Including Milkman, whose the manager), That it was Ghosting.

And those who haven't seen it, Would 100% Agree aswell, without a doubt.


Don't go into an Appeal calling the Admin team Moronic and expect to be Unbanned when you're still being Toxic in the only area that can Help you, Be chill and relaxed, Explain what happened, And Apologize if you actually did anything wrong.

Be Nice and Respectful in your Ban Appeals, and you'll be shown the Same.


You once applied for admin and if you Ever Truly want that, Take the Advice to Face, And become a Decent admin.


We aren't Moronic, We Generally aren't Rude or Disrespectful unless Called out First (Which we shouldn't Fire back anyway, Defeats the point of Being an admin)


I believe you can be a nice person.


Watch your karma Next time, if it's low, Sit in spec for awhile, Let it come back up, And if you don't like sitting in spec, Just AFK in rounds for a few, get something to Drink/Eat/watch something for a few.




Sincerely, Senior Admin Davoony.


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