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A New CS:GO Server Suggestion

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Classic AWP Only.


What is Classic AWP Only? Well it is a CS:GO server where it is AWP only.

You have the standard Counter Terrorists and Terrorists and they fight until the death.

Now with this you can have !top10 or some form of point/kill system where people work on getting to the top.

Normally the points reset monthly or whenever the manager feels like it. (Preferably monthly so people know when)

This is due to new people having the opportunity to grind and eventually get to top10.

What is the "classic" part of it? Well it is basically a no autobhop server in all.


How popular is it? Based on the servers I have played on, it is filled almost 24/7 because of the demand for it. (Don't know actual stats)

No offense to other communities but those that I have played on have almost no active admins, they're toxic in general, but yet they still get a lot of people on it due to the demand.

Most of the servers I could find were not US servers, except for maybe 2/3? The majority of people I have talked to in those communities said they wanted a more reliable server.


Management/Admins: In order to ban you'd need a considerate amount of proof for ESP/closeting.

Personally I do not know how GFL manages their CSGO servers on hacking.

That being said I am not going into detail about this.


Perks: I've seen a lot of hats/accessories/chat tags whether it be from credits or because of donating.


Maps: You have the standard awp_india, awp_lego_2, awp_lego_crazyjump_v1, awp_fort_simple. Then your custom or more rare maps.


Personally I think it would be pretty popular due to the demand and how friendly this community is.

Also another way to bring in different people. I have also seen some people from GFL play on this game mode.

Anyhow, whoever reads this thank you for taking the time to.


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GFL Ranks

[Former] Manager for Purge/DarkRP.                 

[Former] Manager for AWP 24/7

[Former] Senior Badmin for the old Purge.

[Former] Senior Badmin for the new Purge.             

[Former] Senior Admin for Hightower. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort 2

[Former] Human Resources.  


[Bans] Old Purge - 400+


[Joined] 2012-2013.



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+1 I think this would be an amazing idea to be implemented into the list of GFL servers. The demand for more servers is pretty high at the moment, and having a classic AWP-only map where people can play without b-hop+knife players being toxic would be awesome. This idea has my full support. Maybe a US and UK server. :P

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