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Karma Ban

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Name: Jack


Steam ID:



Banned by:CONSOLE


Ban reason: Karma too low/Karma Ban


Why you should be unbanned: Today I was playing on TTT, and I was playing with people who liked to think rdming is fun, and they don't let you id a traitors body so they start to kill you. There was people pushing detectives off the tower, regular people off the tower, etc. On top of that I did make sure that I took more precautions to make sure I was killing t's, so when I took these precautions and killed T's, random innos next to me instantly start shooting me even after I kos. I kill the traitor, and I go to ID them, and another inno just starts randomly shooting me. I killed the inno, lowering my karma even more, which set off a chain reaction of innos trying to kill me. After about 2 innos killed, I'm killed, and as soon as the round ends, it says I am karma ban. I hope the admins reading this understand my struggle and I will do my best to not let this happen again. Thank You.

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Guest SkydivingSquid

Uh oh. 

I swear, I just unbanned you for this yesterday. Okay, I will
unban you again, but next time you will need to serve our your karma ban.


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