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[CS:GO] Surf Timer MOTD

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General Rules

  • No Hacking / Cheating / Scripting.
  • Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
  • Be cool to others. Racism and Bigotry, to include the use of slurs be it casual or otherwise, has no place in GFL and will result in gags or mutes at minimum.
  • No mic/chat spamming, prank calling or excessive yelling. Playing instruments or rapping/singing is up to admins to allow or not.
  • Do not advertise or beg for items.
  • Do not post inappropriate links (Screamers, Gory websites, pornography, etc.).
  • Do not harass other players.
  • Do not stir up drama. If an admin tells  you to drop a topic, drop it. GFL Surf is not bound by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and is not your personal soapbox.
  • The admin's word is final. The rules listed on this page are not exhaustive, and serve as a general guideline to ensure a fun environment for all players. If an admin says to stop something, then stop. If you feel you've been punished unfairly, you can appeal here: https://gflclan.com/forms/67-csgo-surf-timer-muteban-appeals/
  • VPN use is generally unsupported and there is a high probability of getting banned for using one, given the playercount across all other GFL servers. If you have any particular concerns or feel like you need to be using a VPN for whatever reason, contact @Dini directly before attempting to connect with a VPN.


Surf Timer Rules

  • Do not share accounts with other players. Getting someone to do maps for you on your account will result in both of you getting banned, and/or your times on both accounts getting wiped.
  • Refrain from getting top times on your alt accounts. Includes stage, bonus and map times. May result in a ban, and/or your times on both accounts getting wiped. 
  • Prehopping to gain speed before going on a ramp is prohibited and may result in a ban. Exception being the start of stage one on surf_fast.
  • Do not knowingly abuse or share exploits/glitches in maps to get better times. This will result in your times getting wiped and/or a ban, as will encouraging others to do them. This includes double/dropboosting. 
  • Using custom title VIP privileges to pretend that you are either a higher rank than you actually are or a staff member will result in a ban.


Useful Commands (use !help in game to see the full list of commands)

  • !surftimer - allows you to customize the timer hud to your liking, among other things. 
  • !calladmin - Is someone being disruptive? Use this command to get an Admin to come on.
  • !r - Resets your run and teleports you to the start zone.
  • !stage <number> - Allows you to go to any desired stage and practice.
  • !bonus - Teleports you to the bonus, if there is one on the map. 
  • !profile - Shows Surf Timer statistics of any player in the server.
  • !ranks - Shows all of the ranks and the point requirements  
  • !stuck - Stuck somewhere on a stage? Do this command to be taken back to the stage start zone without effecting your progress on the map.

You can also go here for all commands


Donator/VIP Features

  • Access to the VIP/Top 100 Server!
  • Reserved slot to the servers, allowing you to join through console even if they're full. 
  • !nv - Enables Night Vision.
  • !ve - Vote extend command. Will bring up a vote to extend the map by 10 minutes (Can only be done with 5 minutes remaining on a map) Needs 50% to go through.
  • !paint - Paints a dot at the place you type the command. It's more useful to bind this to a key for example (bind <key> +paint) and as you hold it will paint anywhere that is a valid surface. You can change paint settings with !paintoptions. To remove any paint on the map that you have done you can use r_cleardecals to remove them.
  • To use your own custom title, first you must use the command /title in chat - in the pop-up, hit Enable Custom Title.
  • As VIP/Supporter you now gain access to more models! As member you have access to 3 models but as VIP you gain access to 5 additional skins that are exclusive to VIP+ only. Read more about models here: https://gfl.gs/surfmodels/

Setting your custom title:

  • Use sm_customtitle "{green}[Best Surfer]" in console. Play around with it until you come up with a color/text combination you like!
  • Use the /colors command to see all color options! You can add as many of them as your heart desires.
  • Please don't use anything rule-breaking!

Custom Chat/Name Colors:

  • Use /title in chat to customize your Chat and Name colors. You need a custom-title set for your custom chat/name colors to appear!

Setting a custom join message:

  • Use sm_joinmsg "{green}Hiiiii" in console to set a join message. Again, same color options.


Useful Links

  • Apply for GFL Membership here!
  • Donate and become a VIP here!
  • Our GFL Surf Timer Discord here!
Edited by Dini

Former CS:GO Surf Timer Manager. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former CS:GO Division Leader. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former GFL Director of Divisions. (July 2020-October 2021)

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