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Toxicity Ban

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Name: society


Steam ID (or steam profile link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/1421521521/


Banned by:  Assuming it was Adversary.


Ban Reason: Overly Toxic/Trolling/Harassment


Why should you be unbanned


  This appeal is a bit of a stretch and I understand completely why I was banned and realize that the chances of being unbanned are narrow. I am a newer member to the GFL servers, and so there is nobody to back up any of my claims or care for my unbanning. I was trolling because there was a group of people who were already doing it to Jocey Meow, (among which a user named Bogdanoff, who I believe was banned), so I joined in. I just thought that it was funny and that she wasn't taking it too seriously. The trolling included making fun of her position in the armed forces, and when faithfulness to her husband was brought up I said that she would let the whole platoon run a train on her. I figured she'd laugh it off, considering she is a member of the armed forces, after all. (Which, you would assume, would make her a hardened individual who is no stranger to rough language and crude joking.) Shortly after that, to my understanding, Jocey was not very happy with the words I was saying, which is, of course, understandable. After the trolling and banning of the users trolling Jocey, I voiced my actual opinions, including how men and women are wired differently (which is apparently a crime), and that women had no place in the armed forces. Of course that labelled me as a misogynist, and Jocey's friends thought I was a prick that believed women were below me. I thought that they had come to the realization that what I had been doing before then was trolling. Apparently they had believed everything I had said, even though I thought I made it very clear and even stated that I was trolling with phrases like !mad, and !the trolling worked. I wasn't ever told to stop during this prior engagement, and only was ever egged on by the conversation.

  Again, after the trolling, I voiced my actual opinions and once again was never directly told to stop by an admin or anyone being affected. The friends of Jocey labelled me a misogynist and that I believed women were beneath me. I restated my actual opinion, in which men and women are both equal and need to realize their positions in life (again, I do not understand how that makes me a misogynist). Following a period of silence after this, I was banned for an unknown amount of time, assumably permanent.

  Supposing I do get unbanned, I will from now on refrain from trolling and voicing my opinions on any and all GFL servers I connect to. I've plugged around 24 hours into this server over the last week and had intentions of becoming an active member and possibly even a member of the staff down the line. Ironic, coming from someone who is now posting a ban appeal. The decision to keep me banned is expected, but I would like to know whether it is a permanent ban and whether or not it is server-wide.


 Regardless, it was fun writing this. If it was laborious to read I apologize but I was attempting to be thorough.

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I can't accept this appeal,
It's not okay to harass and be toxic in general towards someone/groups of people just because someone else was doing it. There are some lines which shouldn't be crossed and being rude as a joke is 1 thing, but being overly toxic and trolling for the sake of adding to the toxicity in the server is another and it's not something i tolerate.
this appeal will be denied.


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