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Appeal for Unfair and Biased Ban

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Name: Burrito


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:59486811

Banned by:  Adversary



Ban Reason:   Trolling/Toxic/Targeting/Consistent Rule Breaking + Bad Ban History


Why should you be unbanned:
At the time of this ban, I had done nothing other than follow a player over the course of one round. And it wasn't even the entire round. I broke away, several times, and bumped into him, followed him for a few seconds, then turned off to do my own thing again. The player in question, Royal, had been spending the last map or two talking about how bad of a person I was. Telling me I was Traitor Baiting when I very clearly wasn't. I shot people that shot at me, and I shot people that were KOSed or doing KOSable actions.
But I didn't even receive a single report, or comment, for traitor baiting from anyone other than Royal. I broke no rules. I've actually been relatively good recently about not being toxic. I've only really acted rudely to people who give me a reason to, such as harassing me themselves.
After I reported royal for harassing me, as he was constantly calling me different things, belittling me, and trying to make me out to be a terrible person, a new map started. During the first round of that map, I wanted to address the people in chat that were ganging up on Royal for the way he was treating me. People were calling him out for being rude, one guy called him a "cunt", and I just generally was not happy with the way he was being spoken to. At the beginning of the new map, I made it a point to say that Royal is a great guy, he's fun to play with, he's a funny guy, and that his contempt towards me was somewhat justified. After that, I received this Permanent Ban. Earlier in the day, I had reported another player for calling me a "Mongoloid", which google defines as
relating to the broad division of humankind including the indigenous peoples of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Arctic region of North America."
Adversary's response? "Weren't you the one complaining about people being snowflakes yesterday?" And then no action was taken.
Yes. I was saying the day before that I felt people in general were getting too sensitive. But I was told that my opinion on the subject didn't matter, and that offensive language and behavior would not be tolerated. However, when said offensive language is used directed at me, it goes unchecked, ignored, and I get actively dismissed by the very staff that are meant to enforce the rules preventing racist, offensive language from being commonplace on the server.

I enjoy the general community of this server, and have made a strong, and noticeable, effort to improve my behavior. I very rarely even get a report from another player nowadays. And when I do, it tends to be from a mistake. However, I feel that due to my past actions, I've been targeted by some of the staff as "undesirable". I feel as though I'm being singled out, not taken seriously, and just in general not being treated the way a member of GFL should be treated. I understand my history is not the best, but there has been an extremely noticeable change in my behavior, and it is consistently getting better, despite being treated worse by certain members of the staff. 

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First thing to start at here, is to look at your ban history. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A59486811&Submit=Search


This ban isn't JUST because of what happened today. It's an accumulation of everything that's happened concerning you since you've been back. You say you've been better... and I'll admit. I heard decent things about you for a short while. However since you came back from the month ban, you were karma banned twice, and banned by Keira for RDM/L. You can try to argue that the Karma Bans were all "justified" but you must have RDM'd to get your karma that low, and looking at the RDM/L ban it's easy to assume that you took the rules in your own hands. 

As for the Traitor Baiting as of right now I don't have any solid proof one way or the other. I have proof that suggests, however I do find it likely that the word of multiple staff members that you have been Traitor and Karma Baiting to be more then enough. In case you didn't notice, Karma Baiting was added to the MOTD as being against the rules. 

Now, the toxicity. I'll concede that yes, in the screenshots I've seen people were being rather toxic towards you. However I find it unlikely that you didn't do something to trigger them on purpose first. You have the reputation you do for a reason. Here is a quote from you during your time today: "If I blow an asian I'll get an S pass, for 'Slant-eyes'" This is something that I'd have muted you for racism for. I'll take your side for a moment You were called Mongoloid. Yes, it's an offensive term. I appreciate the... effort you put into getting an exact description here. I realize you did so to make a point. Except...




I'm inclined to believe you weren't serious when saying this. But if you want to start reporting players for every little insult they give you, then I shouldn't be seeing you saying the racist things from above, and the generally toxic things like that. Reporting for calling you one name was completely uncalled for, and annoying for all the staff online that were expecting a report to deal with and just seeing that. If you were to actually have an issue with how a player is treating you, just use admin chat with @. As long as you haven't been toxic yourself, and have an honest to god issue with the person being rude to you, the staff will watch them in chat for a bit to see how far it's going and decide what to do once they've gathered more info. We aren't going to mute/gag for every little thing, else the entire server would end up gagged. 


Let me move to the topic of reporting. I believe back in the day I had warned you a few times about false reporting. The report system is called RDM Manager. When you die, it says type !Report to report an RDM. That system is not in place for toxicity as it doesn't hold any of that info. It shows the damage logs of the time you died. If you have problems of any other sort, you can use Admin Chat, DM a staff member, or make a report here on the forums. With proof.  But, that's not the main point here. All of that, sure. I can look past a report on harassment through the manager if there is any merit to it. However you will actively Karma Bait, which again is in the MOTD as against the rules, then report the person who killed you when you die. I don't know exactly how common of an occurrence this is, but I have proof of at least one, and claims of more. 


There is also the problem of you purposely attempting to loophole through the rules and be a troll. One example of this is constantly changing your name. 


A person changing their name on it's own isn't an offense. However ANYBODY reading your names can do nothing but assume the kind of person you are. The only name in that list that I would consider to be an actual joke/meme is Jeffrey Epstein. The rest of it is you just being as toxic as you can. Also changing your name to try to give out ANY sort of information involving your death or the death of another IS considered Ghosting. You made those name changes with the intention of getting on the nerves of the people on the server. This is the kind of attitude we DON'T want on the server. 

I have to point out that you made no mention of another person that you were being toxic towards during the situation today. Ops23234. The guy sounds young. I mean, he was just calling you a liar over and over again. Not the most creative of insults. However that didn't start until you rather rudely said "Ops nobody gives a fuck about you, go away". It's likely just oversight that you didn't mention that part of the story as frankly, it doesn't make a HUGE difference. However as I stated to begin with, it's just another stone on the pile as to why this ban happened. It wasn't just because you were being rude to Royal. It was every single thing you've done combined. It should be obvious that our staff team would be annoyed at getting messaged from you like "I know I'm being rude but come on, who likes squeakers? There's a reason the word comes from a rodent"


Here's another quote from you that I'd like to bring to attention. 


Let me just say that I wouldn't go so far as to say you ruin the community. It's very hard for a single person to have that much impact, and you really didn't have such an impact that you're ruining all of GFL, let alone the Rotation Server. However you straight up say that you deter new people from joining "because they suck". All this tells me is pretty much what Royal says afterwards. You take it upon yourself to be as toxic as possible to new people that you believe are bad in an attempt to drive them away. Why? Because you take joy in playing with others emotions. 


I will take your side once again. I agree that the situation played out how it did due to some "bias" against you. But as you can see, you've more then built this reputation on your own. I will admit that there should have been a warning against at least Ops from what I've seen, because honestly just reading it I got tired of him saying "liar" over and over again. But you more then earned the reputation that you seem to gladly wear about whenever you're online. I can agree the bias is there, but it's hard to ignore when you worked oh so hard to get it there to begin with. 


Finally, I just wanted to point out something else. 



This is wrong. Well, I don't know how Pancake feels about you, so maybe not. But after the private talk you and I had all those months ago, I did feel like I understood you more. And I respected your openness in that conversation. I can honestly say I don't hate you. However my priority lies with the server. You stated yourself in our private talk that you knew exactly what you were doing, enjoyed it, and had no intentions to change. You've had your chances. And I mostly stayed out of it up until now. However I've heard enough from the rest of the staff and even the general player base to know that it's about time your warnings ran out. If you enjoy what you do then by all means sir, continue. But take it elsewhere. 

This appeal is DENIED. You can try to appeal again after a year. Until then, I wish you well. 

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