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Steam ID: Terr0rb00b


Ban Reason: illegal spots and constant rule breaking


Banned By: Calculord


Ban Time: 1 week 2 days




i was just playing when suddenly got banned, i am nice to players and i dont do illegal spot where you cannot get killed, i admit  to go out of map but still killable

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Posted  Edited by Calculord

You had been warned multiple times, previously, by multiple admins for rule 4, 5 and rule 12/13. 10 times in total for all of them, 5 times for rule 5, 3 times for rule 4, and 2 times for rule 12/13. Which would result in, if individual, 1 week ban, 1 hour gag/mute and another 1 hour gag/mute. That shows that you constantly have broken server rules.


Your ban appeal has been DENIED. (Can someone close this and move it to the Closed Section)

Edited by Calculord

Former GMOD Prop Hunt Senior Admin

The Former Weirdo Senior Admin



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