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JDA Lobby System Library for Multiplayer Games and Cross-server Communication

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So, a couple months ago I made a post in regards to this discord "cross server communication" bot I was in the works on. This was my first "popular" post in these forums, and caught the attention of some of you. Hell I don't doubt it was the main reason why my developer application was even considered ;D Well, now I'm back with some good news.


Some of the responses on that post were about any source code they could look at. Some of you seemed genuinely interested in this. So, I had an even better idea. I decided to make my first official library. And this library will allow JDA developers to utilize this Lobby technology to create any kind of multiplayer game they want. The game mechanics will be handled by the programmer in question, but the lobby system? The multiplayer "servers" and player handling? The input handling? All that is handled automatically by my new library.


All the code was completely written by me. After many months of working on this technology I think I finally got it just where I want it. And soon, you guys will be able to use it. Right now I am not publicly releasing it quite yet. I want to make a tutorial or two first. But once that is ready to go, I will let you guys know. A special thanks to @Noctemberfor helping me getting the .jar file set up. Making a .jar file that works is really damn hard for some reason. Thanks Java. I will be crediting him in the tutorial videos because making the .jar file work without ClassNotFoundExceptions appearing would have been such a headache without his help.


In the meantime, here is a proof of concept video.


I write programs and stuff.


If you need to contact me, here is my discord tag: Dustin#6688


I am a busy person. So responses may be delayed.



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