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Mr. Lucifer

I want to apology :c

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Well, the truth is that I am new to creating a topic, but I wanted to apologize for having deactivated the new parachute plugin by discovering a glitch that I was testing all day, I know it sure seems silly what I say, but hey, I have always considered that other people don't have to pay for my mistakes, i hope someday the admins will consider activating it again, and if not, at least they gave me a good time of fun with it.


This apology is more for the people of the Hightower 2 server who I really liked the new parachute plugin.

(Well, for those who see this)


With nothing more to say I hope you all have a nice night  (or day, i guess there are people from other parts of the world too xdxd)

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9 minutes ago, Mejilla said:

Hey there! There is no reason to apologize, you're completely fine! I'm just glad it was caught before it became a huge problem.
I was aware the plugin glitched the cliff area, but was not aware that players were allowed to build once it was glitched.
Due to the fact that players are able to glitch that area with the parachutes, I decided it was best to remove it.
Trust me, I loved the plugin as well, it was really fun to play around with on the server.
Until I can find a plugin that won't glitch that area, it won't be added back.

I appreciate your sincerity!


No problem, I'm glad to help the server in whatever way I can when some admin is not there or doesn't discover those things. At first I was not going to report it but then I saw that many players tried to imitate me

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