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Ban Appeal for Rotation TTT

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Name: acaary2


Steam ID (or steam profile link):https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098221993/


Banned by: 

First I am forbidden from doing RDM but I did not do it with intentions of disturbing others, there were people who randomly shot without motives, on maps they destroyed the tester or threw grenades
The second was to use another account while my principal was banned

Sin título.png



Ban Reason: karma ban and ban evasion


Why should you be unbanned


I've been playing on this server for a long time, not much but if enough to take care of the server people, literal game, every day I can, I will not do RDM even if they break the rules, I will refrain from doing something that can annoy others, I promise not to do more, please do not want to stop playing on this server, I will not speak English fluently since I am Latin, but I understand many things and I have learned a lot on this server

I know it was a bad idea to use another account to play when the main one was banned, but I have a lot of fun on your server

I just want one last chance


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Hi, @acaary2.  I did ban you for ban evasion, however, you were karma banned and I can't deal with that myself. I have decided to UNBAN you for the evasion ban, but keep in mind that if you are banned, you MAY NOT get on any other account and play until your ban is up. I will give you another chance, but don't let this situation happen again.

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