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Ban Appeal

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Name: Swagmaster13


Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:157721778


Ban Reason: RDM in TTT


Banned By: BraeLyn2212


Ban Time: 1 day


Why should you be unbanned? cause I didn't know the rules, also the guy I killed turned out to be a traitor in TTT, also I just want to play prop hunt

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Posted  Edited by BraeLyn2212

Hi, @SwagMaster13. I did ban you yesterday. I banned you for CONSISTENT RDM.  When I was online, I had noticed that there were four reports against you during the map in a few different rounds and once on the previous map. Consistent RDM is when someone rdms 3 or more times in a single map, which you exceeded. Even if you kill a traitor, it can still be considered RDM and in the case you mentioned, the round had just started and you killed Morgan who happened to be a traitor. Your reply? "I was a traitor". However, you were detective. Every report that was against you, you just replied back with "I was a traitor" when you never were. I will not be lowering the ban or unbanning you and you will have to stick out the rest of the ban. Based on this appeal, you also don't know the rules, so I suggest to read the !motd when you return so this doesn't happen again. Thanks for appealing. 

Edited by BraeLyn2212

Best wishes,







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