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Ban Appeal for Rotation TTT

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Posted  Edited by JLucherSC - Edit Reason: Found out the admin name

Name: JLucherSC


Steam ID (or steam profile link):https://steamcommunity.com/id/JLucher


Banned by: 




Ban Reason: RDM and Leave


Why should you be unbanned


I do not believe that what I did qualified as RDM and leave.  I did commit RDM by pushing an AFK (who happened to be the admin BraeLyn2212) off of a large drop. I recieved my autoslay and I figured that since I had to get off for a short time that this would be the right time for me to get off and serve my slay the next time I am on the server. I left AFTER I recieved the autoslay, if I RDMed and then left the server before I could receive my punishment then this punishment would be just.

I hope that this misunderstanding can be sorted out as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time



Edited by JLucherSC
Found out the admin name

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Posted  Edited by BraeLyn2212

I banned you because you pushed me off the ledge of teen room when I was afk which made you receive and slay and you didn't serve it. "You added 1 autoslays to JLucher with the reason : 'RDM'" "JLucher(STEAM_0:1:68388292) has disconnected with 1 autoslay left!"


I banned you due to you leaving with the autoslay on you (Meaning it was added and you weren't slain yet). I waited a round for you to return but you didnt until a few rounds after I had banned you; however, I did see you try and rejoin a minute ago and with this appeal, I will unban you.  Thanks for appealing.

Edited by BraeLyn2212

Best wishes,







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