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ATTENTION ALL CSGO GAMERS!!! I have come today with an important announcement. A dead boomer game you might've heard of before, "Counter-Strike Source" for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is currently only $.99 (ZOMFG :OO) on Steam until December 3rd. Hurry and grab your mom's credit card and pick up your copy today before time runs out!!!!! Counter-Strike Source features a game mode phenomenon called "Zombie Escape" which is co-op PvE game mode based off the Chinese visual novel/anime called Final Fantasy. It involves players dodging beams of light while jamming to a sick OST made by an up-and-coming christian rock band called "Pendulum." Upon completion,  players are then rewarded with the sacred "screenshot" which they can proudly display on their steam profile and potentially be picked up by a pro elite epic clan. 


In all seriousness though, Source is preettttttttttty cool with even a cooler community and is definitely worth trying out. 


P.S. GFL is hosting a CSS ZE event this Saturday which you can vote on with the link below. Also you can join our discord and meet some new or familiar peeps. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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As a GFL CS:S and CS:GO admin encourage this post, and just wanna say, since this server will be full af on saturday, come on down to css while you wait for a spot to open up! we're very welcoming, and love new people! We have fun events every week, and have beaten Santa Extreme, as well as let you bhop fast af! (we also give you your first amendment right to free speech)


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