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CS:S For Free

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Hey Everyone, I was looking around and realized, cs:s has gone down to 0.99 cents for this rock-t-ember sales event on steam, so if anyone is interested in getting cs:s for FREE, just please reply in this thread and add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wilsonwilly/ p.s. I don't know how many copies I'll be able to shell out as I'm selling off skins for this, so supplies may be limited (also only up until the end of the steam sale*)


What's the kicker? If you get CS:S for free, you NEED to drop by ANY gfl css ze event before the end of the year

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21 minutes ago, Liloz01 said:

give red man css :lenny:



4 minutes ago, sMercy said:

willy done with fucking chick now go to find gamers relationship

I need to find a new chick tbh, was seeing an old hookup earlier this month buuuutttt she's not worth dealing with

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