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Ban Appeal for Rotation TTT

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Name: acaary


Steam ID (or steam profile link):https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098221993/


Banned by: 

Banned By: Console

i was banned for killing a guy who  threw incendiary grenade at innocent people, and the other 2 who shot me with the sniper for destroying explosive barrels



Ban Reason: karma ban


Why should you be unbanned


i find it unfair because i killed a guy who was going to do rdm, and tho others who wanted to kill me for destroying barrels


i know its only one day, but on this server i de-stress a lot and wait a day just to kill people who did rdm, and if i did an rdm without knowing an admin with the roft tops ax


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Unbanned. Have an admin reset your karma the next time you get on if the map hasn't changed yet, and stay in spectator until he does. Your bans are starting to stack up, so start watching your karma. I can't keep unbanning you.



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