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Isolation Time

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Hey there everyone.


Whenever I am working on big programming projects, it helps me a TON to just isolate myself from people to focus on my work. It helps me stay productive and keeps my mind engaged into what I'm doing.


Right now I am working on a personal project. Whenever I have new ideas, they stick to the back of my mind, which can make it hard to work on anything else. So, I am going to temporarily disconnect myself from discord, YouTube, etc. So I can put all my focus on my work.


As soon as I am finished, I will come right back and continue working on all the things I'm currently working on for GFL. I believe I do my best work if all my focus is put on my GFL projects. If I am distracted by this personal project, any add-ons or other things I work on will come out rushed and incomplete.


It might be a few days before I'm finished, I'm not 100% for sure.


@Mejillalet the guys in DarkRP know I will be back, but I'm going to be gone for a few days. Send them a link to this if you want.


Cya bois

I write programs and stuff.


If you need to contact me, here is my discord tag: Dustin#6688


I am a busy person. So responses may be delayed.



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