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New Special Rounds and Others!

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This is an organised place for things that should be implemented! Sort of like a checklist for things, either way, this is to stop some

new suggestions forms from going out there by already having it in here!

Obviously all of these won't be implemented, unless they do, I don't know. It's up to @Winter

Lets begin!


Suggestions Go From High Priority to Low


New Special Rounds

  • Simply something new, maybe a murder juggernaut?
    • Obviously nothing too much, if we add too many it will just be bad.



  • Perks, like those from any Call of Duty game.
  • Perks would be a one-use item and wouldn't last more than a round, bought with Pointshop Points.
    • Nothing too serious, like extra speed, or, I know it's out their, but a triple jump perk!


Murder Construct hasn't worked 2 times in a row, it won't work again

  • Murder Construct, as far as I'm aware, hasn't worked two times in a row.
    • Allow map rotations
      • Such as clue, and such!
      • Wasn't here for the first murder server, so I'm just assuming it was construct.

More Freedom/Interactions

  • This server right now is very dull, there needs to be more freedom.
    • Such as fun things to do, example, challenges.
      • Challenges being "Kill the murderer two times in a row"
      • Reward players for completing challenges, example, Pointshop Points.
    • Tic Tac Toe or even Coin Flips and shit! Something to do in downtime or challenge others to!


Gun/Knife skins

  • Already been suggested a million times, so no need to go to far with this one.
    • Anyway little things, possibly might take a lot of time.
      • Medium Priority.


More Player Models

  • Nothing too much, sans and those anime chicks were added recently so this is here just as a place holder!


Fix all of the clues

  • Pretty obvious, just fix the clues.
    • Some of them don't work, simple fix!
      • Low Priority.


Bring back second balcony

  • heh

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