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ban on shammy 12/5/19

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Posted  Edited by shammy
Steam3 ID    [U:1:147521677]
Steam Community    76561198107787405
Invoked on    12-05-19 20:01
Banlength    Permanent
Expires on    Not applicable.
Reason    Ignoring Admins
Banned by Admin    Reaper
Banned from    [GFLClan.com] Surf Timer Very Easy #1 85-Tick | ...
Blocked (1)    Shammy
Admin who banned you: Reaper
What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban):
So I was banned because i said it was my server.
clearly he knows im joking and wasn't being serious. and when asked what server i kinda said "a server"
either way clearly a harmless troll

Why should you be unbanned?:
shouldn't warrant a permanent ban just for saying " its my server" when its an obvious troll.
also most people who are "regulars" lou, strawberry,lawfawduhn a bunch of otheres know that im literally harmless

I am liked by a lot of players on the server, but also disliked by some its just the way i handle myself.
but something i dont understand is this
"[8:07 PM]
    did you pm reaper saying you were going to take down all the gfl servers
    hes trying to tarnish your reputation

so my question for Reaper is... Why make this up? why lie... i never once have ever added you on anything discord, csgo, steam or anything and i have never ONCE said anything to this effect.
willing to put my name behind it, show me a convo where i said this even in the slightest and ill agree the ban should stay permanent. fact is your lying... and you know it

Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban?: 
I know my last case doesnt help my appeal, but  also don't preach me being honest if your going to go around and lying about me, i would think admin or a moderator or someone that runs the servers would be above "lying"
either way would appreciate  if was let free, i bring people to the servers, a lot of people do enjoy my company and find me entertaining for the most part and i do enjoy the servers and the work you guys do.
i just really don't understand why this would warrant any type of perm ban. especially when your in the minority for disliking me and id say overwhelming amount of people enjoy my company. i would just say mute me if you have a problem with me
Edited by shammy

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Unbanned because he didn't have proof to support his claims for a permanent ban. 

Former CS:GO Surf Timer Manager. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former CS:GO Division Leader. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former GFL Director of Divisions. (July 2020-October 2021)

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