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PermaGag Removal request

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Posted  Edited by lemonke

Hey there, got permagagged on Thursday the 5th BC of trying to respond to someone else micspamming with more micspamming. I realize how childish this is aswell as the constant usage of fowl language. I request to ask for approval of this PermaGag from the TTT 24/7 MC Server, thank you. 





Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:105198519


Banned by: StarFox


Ban reason: MicSpam


Why you should be unbanned: I realized that was childish

Edited by lemonke

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Posted  Edited by starfoxgods

You realized you were childish, eh? I don't understand how you can be a child randomly, sounds Great.But, like you kinda said the hard r, played it off as you being a monkey. Like That ain't sliding, but I will ungag, just give me like 5 days.

Edited by starfoxgods

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