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Suggestions for a gaming pc

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It's difficult without knowing what you're willing to spend on a computer. You can spent a ton of money on a high end PC that looks awesome and draws a ton of power.. but, just because it draws more power and has RGB doesn't mean it's worth the 3,000$ price tag. If you are willing to compromise on how your PC looks, I would highly recommend the cheaper option below:


1. Buy a used computer from a school. Colleges sell them for 20$-50$ Canadian depending on specs. You can also find them on eBay or Kijiji/Craigslist. A lot of these computers have an i5 processor which is more than enough for gaming.

2. Buy a GPU that doesn't require external power. Most of these used computers don't come with a powerful PSU for obvious reasons so buy a GPU that draws all of its power from the PCI-e slot. The cost for this will vary a lot depending on what you're looking at buying so let's ballpark it at ~250$ Canadian.

3. Depending on what your PC has and what you're planning to do, you may have to buy more RAM. 60$ Canadian for a 16GB kit.

3. Insert GPU into PCI-e slot, RAM (if you bought it) into RAM slots and install drivers.


This will give you a computer that should be able to play most games out there. There will be the odd game that requires a lot of CPU power but the vast majority are GPU.


And if you were curious, this is exactly what I did with my first computer. A university was selling off old computers and I got a monitor and pc deal for 20$! I ended up buying two sets for a total of 40$. I bought them probably 10 years ago and I STILL use those monitors to this day. In fact, I wrote this on one of the monitors I bought back then.


Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

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