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Ban appeal for Rotation TTT

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Name: Tiobilito (No mic.) moat.gg


Steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/facebook444/


banned by:



Ban Reason: At the start of the round someone shot me until I was halfway through life or a little more then I killed him (innocent) then someone else killed me (an innocent) that is the only reason I thought. they didn't report me so I'm not sure if that the reason


Why should you be unbanned

I think the reason I killed the innocent is justified because he hurt me first



sorry if you do not understand well I am not very used to writing in English so in some parts I use the translator.


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The main reason you had your ban is because after that guy, you killed an innocent next to him and then left the game. RDMing and then leaving afterwards, to avoid your punishment or not, is against the rules. I've decided I will lift your ban, but you will still be autoslain when you next join for the RDM. You're welcome to join back anytime.


I hope to see you on the server in the future!



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