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rdm x leaf x2

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:127963272


Banned by:Starfox


Ban reason: Rdm x leaf x2


Why you should be unbanned: Playing MC 24/7. I was an innocent and late into the round there was a few people left, this one kid starts saying that i'm hurting him, and hes saying how im pulling out T weapons and if hes allowed to kos off of that. He then says "KILL JACK HE HAS A T WEAPON" (i didnt) anyway I kill him for his kos, and it turns out he was a T and not a idiot. He then starts complaining and everyone tells him to shutup cause he wont stop yelling in his mic when everyone clearly heard him say KOS JACK. Next round he says hes gonna target me and gonna kill me, i was detective, he kosed me a detective which is kos for one, and second he starts t baiting which is also kosable, and then full on shoots me. So i kill him. Round ends, decide I wanna play on some ROTATION, and hop on there, about 30 mins later I get ban for 2x rdm and leave. Keep in mind the staff Zero was on, but he was afk like always. So I just want everyone to know.  This man was targeting me from the start, he hates me, he is obviously lying. I didn't leave to avoid punishment, i even clearly said in the CHAT, i was going to play rotation, i did not leave to try to avoid punishment.

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