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PermaGag Removal request (Part 2)

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Le Monke

Steam ID:


Gagged by:

Moo the Cow? (TBH I don't remember)

Gag reason:

Asking a T. admin to ungag me after having a recent ungag request denied

Why you should be unbanned:


           Well folks, this isn't looking good for me, but I may as well try. Ever since I joined GFL I have been an annoying, pompous ass. Whenever someone attempted to fight or argue with me, I ended up MicSpamming and pissing people off as a way to channel my anger towards these people. Granted, I dont mean im apologizing to every single one of those people, but in a short way of stating it, sorry If I ever was annoying or rude towards you while on the TTT Minecraft 24/7 server, I can look back at my actions and see where I was certainly in the wrong, many many times. 


           Next is the usage of an admin to ungag me. To be honest and not to say who is who, but I did come into contact with some admins of the server, and attempted to ask for them to ungag me after the first attempt failed. To be honest, I was saying it as more of a joke, not really expecting it to happen, and when it did, I didn't want to get this said admin in trouble (and to be honest, I can't even remember who it was at the time) and attempted to cover it over, or play it off as others played the server. In total, I wouldn't be suprised if you guys didn't ungag me, I'd understand but I'm just asking to see if its a possibility, I'm terribly sorry about my pervious, childish, and crude actions while playing on TTT 24/7 Minecraft, and I will accept that if I be ungaged today, that if I get P. gagged again that I will be banned from said server. 


Thanks for reading that folks as you've considered me for a possible Ungag, and have a wonderful holiday season and new year. With the decade coming to a close, I hope to be a new decade, new me. ^^

-John M. (Le Monke) 

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your last post on this was less than a month ago, I am curious as to why you think their minds would change on this in less then a month?


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