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lɐǝddɐ uɐq

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In Game Name: BadD


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69847853


Banned By: @Harakoni

Ban Reason : Trolling, Staff impersonation, encouraging rule breaking, constant rule breaking while no staff are on, toxic attitude and actions towards other players


Why I should be Unbanned: I waited a month and during this time I haven't made 50alts or spammed join. I can try to be less toxic




I ❤️ Bricolage


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I'm not the one to make the verdicts, and it really doesn't matter what I say, but you trolled so many new players and regulars into frustration. You have been very unhelpful in the past and toxic to everyone. You pushed the rules to the very brink with admins on and consistently caused drama between the admins, and you also got a lot of people to follow you. 


I don't recommend you getting unbanned, but in the end, it's not my decision.


Good luck on the appeal!


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