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Bin Laden

Bin Laden's Ban Appeal

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I dont know how to create one of this but i am just gonna follow some format.
IGN: Bin Laden
Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HappyGo_Gamer/
Reason for Ban: Mass ( i think it is mass rdm??)

Explanation why i should be unbanned:
I got banned after accidentally doing a Self Defense against one of the players who i assumed innocent at first and he started stating that "I" shot him first. I don't know if that player is one of the moderators in the game but after someone believing in my statement that it was just an SD, the player who believed that im innocent shot the player who i assumed innocent turns out to be a traitor. After all of that scenario i went to my bathroom and got back only to find out i got banned with the reason i didn't actually do.

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