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Anycast Upgrades + Another Dedicated Server For Our Game Servers

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Hey everyone,


As some of you know, I've been wanting to upgrade the Anycast network for a while now to support better DDoS protection, routing, and overall capacity. We finally got our own ASN a few months ago. However, due to time and motivation, I haven't been able to further build out the network. I did send an email to 20+ hosting providers in the beginning of December, but unfortunately, none of them suited our needs.


Recently, I've been able to find time and motivation again and continued my search for decent hosting providers. In the last few days, I've been in touch with a few hosting providers and one of them so far has sparked my interest. I have decided to give them a try. We will be renting their dedicated server and we will do a BGP session for a $250.00 one-time fee. I am renting the dedicated server in New York City that will replace the PoP server we have with Vultr since we've been having issues with that PoP recently.


If this dedicated server performs well and we don't have any major routing or network issues, we will continue to buy more dedicated servers in different locations such as Dallas, Atlanta, or Los Angeles.


I have signed the LOA required and sent it back to the hosting provider. I'm hoping to get this dedicated server setup either today or tomorrow. We will only be using NTT (AS2914) as a direct peer with this hosting provider for smoother routing.


What this means for our players are:


  • Better routing and less hops to the destination if you routed to NYC before. As we upgrade multiple locations, routing should generally improve.
  • Better hardware to process packets to the network which should resolve the issues we've experienced with our NYC PoP (which includes lag on our game servers such as Rust Modded that route to the NYC PoP).



Another thing I wanted to mention is the probability of us finally deploying a dedicated server we have with Dagreek in NYC to host more game servers. The server's processor is the Intel i9-9900K OC'ed to 4.8 GHz. If we do deploy this machine (more than likely), I plan to move our Rust Modded server onto this machine to further increase performance and we will put any future Rust or GMod RP servers on this machine.


Overall, we will continue to upgrade our network to support better DDoS protection, routing, etc. However, I do believe we will need more donations in order to achieve my plan. I will be talking to the staff team internally to see what we can do to pull in more donations. If you're interested in supporting us, you may donate here. Please keep in mind all donations go into GFL and honestly, 70 - 90% of them will probably go into our Anycast network alone in the future once this plan is fully rolled out (this will take time, though).


Thank you for reading.

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